Gensler Offices – Atlanta

  • Client Gensler,
  • size 5,000 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States,
  • Industry Architecture Firm, Design,
  • Gensler has designed their new office expansion located in Atlanta, Georgia. 

    Following a period of impressive growth, Gensler wanted to explore and expand with a focus on collaborative and innovative spaces that pushed the boundaries of workplace flexibility and inspired creativity. The purchase of a portion of the 27th floor is an extension of their office on the 14th floor, however the expansion space takes on the spirit of the innovation-driven nature of the business and showcases Gensler’s thought leadership in workplace design.

    The entry experience declares that this is a place for experimenting and a culture for critiquing. Clients have asked to come to the Gensler office to co-create with the design teams. Developing ideas can be messy, however the space has allowed for the messy to be celebrated. The co-create environment has encouraged designers to be more open with sharing unresolved solutions and has elevated the creative confidence in designers. The space has several different types of critique spaces. The writable and magnetic wall covering has encouraged designers to get designs pinned-up outside of their computers to be shared with team members for critique purposes and has allowed a space for the ideas to be left on the walls for open discussion. Now, the team has a weekly “jam session,” which brings together different designers, practices, and disciplines to discuss design thinking and different points of view. The expansion includes a maker’s lab and an area for AR/VR technology, boosting the digital and analog exploration.

    The expansion supports Gensler Atlanta’s unassigned seating strategy by providing variety of unique work settings that provide choices that accommodate different tasks, workstyles and personalities. Gensler believes when employees have freedom to work where they want, they get to determine where they perform at their best. By swapping the pencil cup and cactus for a locker, this model gives employees at Gensler a sense of empowerment and builds a culture of trust. This allows for designers to personalize their daily experience to support their design process.

    The Gensler office expansion is a well-crafted space that inspires a creative culture that continues to unleash and harness passions and talents to provide clients innovative design solutions.

    Design Team: Meena Krenek, Lauren Smith, Haley Reddick, Anna Mikolajczak, Gail Malone, Kevin Steele, Amy Bixler, Kate Hartman, Michelle Wright, Derek Hudson, Colin Obrien, Stephen Swicegood
    Photography: Nigel Marson