PARKA Architecture Offices – Québec City

  • Client PARKA Architecture & Design,
  • size 2,830 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Quebec City, Canada,
  • Industry Architecture Firm, Design,
  • PARKA Architecture & Design have designed their offices located in Saint-Roch neighborhood of Québec City, Canada.

    Located in the heart of Quebec City downtown, PARKA’s office can be found in the old Alfred-Eugène Marois’ shoe factory, built in 1914 and designed by René-Pamphile Lemay, architect. Like this industrial-style architecture, the concept of our office space is simple and the workstations are layed out in an open space ambience. Quiet zones and meeting rooms have been designed to provide employees a variety of environments to work, coordinate and get together.

    Linked to with the values of the firm, since we aim to place the human at the center of our attention, the layout of our office is modest and friendly. The open area greatly contributes to the exchange and collaboration between the users, and the simplicity of the interior finishes provides to the space a sense of creativity. Mostly painted in white, the walls create a luminous environment, where some inspirational images and signage elements are subtly highlighted. The main conference room, with its black painted walls and ceiling in addition to its cozy atmosphere, immediately provides a creative space to the user, where the lighting is directed towards the table.

    The simplicity of the space organization and the sobriety of the interior finishes punctuates some feature elements of the architecture of the old days. The brick walls give an interesting texture and an urban atmosphere, as the interior windows, remains of the past, allow the diffusion of natural light and the visual permeability between the different workspace’s zones.

    DesignerPARKA Architecture & Design
    PhotographyJessy Bernier Photographe