Choice Hotels International Headquarters – Rockville

  • Client Choice Hotels,
  • size 8,000 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Rockville, Maryland, United States,
  • Industry Hospitality,
  • Stantec was engaged by Choice Hotels to design their international headquarters located in Rockville, Maryland.

    Choice Hotels’ recent expansion to their Headquarters represents a departure from the traditional office culture prevalent in their existing space. With an emphasis on openness, internal mobility, and hyper-collaboration, the new space progresses way ahead of the rest of the company’s portfolio in an effort to redefine their culture. The space features two distinct work environments. One modernizes the existing standards, reducing individual space allocations and lowering barriers, while the other offers a free-address, communal work environment where employees and visitors can touch down at any time without prior arrangement. In support of this nomadic workforce, a large open kitchen beckons users to stay a while with a mixture of occasional seating and a rich contrast of color and texture. A customizable multi-purpose room allows permanent residents and nomads to meet, collaborate, and brainstorm. Smaller huddle rooms, themed after the seasons of the year, provide additional meeting and relaxation options. Through this pilot project, Choice is making a definitive move towards a social, human-centered office culture rapidly advancing the company into the future.

    Contractor: rand* Construction
    Photography: Max Kun Zhang