Scenic Advisement Offices – San Francisco

Occupying the bones of a historic Battery Street building, Scenic Advisement's fresh, dynamic and warm offices are reflective of their company culture and context in the heart of San Francisco.

  • Client Scenic Advisement,
  • size 4,885 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location California, San Francisco, United States,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Feldman Architecture has created a compelling design for the Scenic Advisement offices located in San Francisco, California.

    Upon entering this dynamic space, one’s mind might not immediately jump to the quaint yet historic past embedded into the bones of this Battery St. location. In fact, if not for the humble design elements of Douglas fir beams, high ceilings, and stall like enclosures, there would be no indication of its original purpose. Named for its former usage, The Stable boasts not only a visually compelling layout of open conference rooms -reminiscent of the ones that historically housed equine- but contrasts of rough and sleek, both formal and informal in its modest yet deliberate design.

    Each glass enclosure creates its own unique environment, while glass partitions allow natural light to reach into the depths of each individual compartment. Satin etched glass – a romantic nod to the fog that rolls in from the Bay- works to absorb and reflect the surrounding textures of wood and brick, camouflaging themselves into the rustic structure while offering an element of privacy to its occupants. Relaxed lounge furniture, colorful abstract rugs, and a large kitchen island that acts as a communal area bring a sense of home and intimacy into the workplace, creating a unique work-life balance: warm, subtle, focused, and clean. The classic masonry wall, now accented by clean, minimal partitions, culminates in a space both historically San Francisco while highlighting the modern evolution taking place in the city.

    ArchitectFeldman Architecture
    Contractor: Moroso Construction
    PhotographyAdam Rouse