JLL Offices – San Francisco

JLL's San Francisco offices now accurately reflect their culture and work style transitioning from outdated cubicles to an energized collaborative environment as the company continues to establish themselves as a global leader in investment management.

  • Client JLL,
  • size 37,000 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location California, San Francisco, United States,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • M Moser Associates has transformed JLL‘s existing offices into a new and innovative space located in San Francisco, California.

    When JLL chose M Moser to reimagine their existing offices, they were looking for more than just another office space, they wanted an experience. An experience that would mirror the culture and values of the people that come together at JLL every day.

    A global partner to organizations who seek more value from the commercial real estate they own, use and invest in, JLL was conscious that its own workplace needed a transformation. Their existing offices, located over two full floors in a 38-story San Francisco Financial District high-rise, were dated and didn’t accurately reflect the firm’s culture or collaborative work style. M Moser worked closely with JLL leadership to activate and reinvigorate the space. The shift from high-paneled cubicles to efficient workstations provides access to natural light and drives visual connections across teams. Spaces for collaboration or independent focus are integrated amidst the stations to support the needs of everyone using the space. Fun lounge areas doubling as putting greens encourage informal interactions and tastefully themed rooms evoke the spirit of San Francisco.

    This welcoming and modern design facilitates a high degree of both client-facing and internal
    collaboration. Unique spaces and amenities are dispersed across the two floor plates promoting connectivity and movement throughout the office. Where the entry floor has generous formal facilities including a dynamic digital wall, a large gallery space and an expandable conference room that provides expansive views of the city, the lower level prioritizes client interactions and the informal activities of staff. At the center of the lower floor plate is a large lounge for social activities such as playing pool, watching sports and other media events, and casual conversation. Adjacent to the lounge is a kitchenette that reflects a pub atmosphere.

    At the core of the space, a formerly overlooked staircase now takes center stage. Surrounded by an installation of sculptural cables, all in the renowned color of the Golden Gate Bridge, it alludes to San Francisco’s most iconic landmark. Standing at the heart of the two floors, the staircase enables a seamless flow between the two spaces, further strengthening the connection of the JLL team to their work, their clients and to each other.

    DesignerM Moser Associates
    Design Team: Dominique Price, Joelle Rosander
    PhotographyEmily Hagopian