TKSTYLE Offices – Jiaxing

  • Client TKSTYLE,
  • size 7,534 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Jiaxing, China,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • JACKY.W DESIGN has realized the open and multifunctional offices for TKSTYLE located in Jiaxing, China.

    It is commonly considered that people can not enjoy the same time. TKSTYLE BOUTIQUE. JACKY.W DESIGN created by TKSTYLE BOUTIQUE.

    At the entrance, several clusters of dry corn stalks are placed by the wall, bringing nature into the space. The large 360-degree revolving door neutralizes the space temperament dominated by cement with its warm wooden texture.

    The designers gave full play to the structure and height (8 meters) of the original space, and ingeniously integrated functional areas for working, reception, fitness and conference, etc. into the two-story space 2 without rigid partitions. There are windows in each wall, which provides sufficient natural lights to penetrate to the space, thus resulting in a bright and airy environment.

    The open layout of the space made it possible for the designers to apply the concept of co-living and cooperative working. Integrating household settings with the workspace in a harmonious way requires quality execution of design and sensitivity to details. The design features an industrial style, combined with the exquisite upholstered furniture and adornments, making the overall space rough, simple yet delicate.

    The flourishing plants highlight the original beauty of the concrete extensively exposed on the floor, walls, beams and pillars. The designers tried nine times for the testing and proofing of cast-in-place cement slabs, so as to ensure the stability of the texture. The strict selection and utilization of materials is thus manifested in the ultra-white glass and ultra-thin marble slabs with white patterns exported from Spain. With ingenious application of colors and lines, the designers optimized the spatial texture and experience.

    If we’re lucky enough to be engaged in an industry that interests us, work will become a joy. This is true for TKSTYLE BOUTIQUE and JACKY.W DESIGN. Perhaps this is the reason that the TKSTYLE Office came into being, which is the work in progress – “life is work”.

    Designer : JACKY.W DESIGN
    Design Team : Jacky Wang, Jammie Lu
    Photography : Wenyao Photography