Kordsa Global Offices – Istanbul

  • Client Kordsa,
  • size 182,986 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Piramit Architects were tasked with the design for tire manufacturer Kordsa Global‘s offices located in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Piramit Architects had designed the research and development centre for Kordsa Global’s composite Technologies, which is located within the Teknopark Istanbul area. It is a mixed-use building consisting of laboratories and offices where research and development projects can be carried on.

    Considering its technical functions, the prismatic massive form of the structure can be thought of as a heavy piece of machine placed on the ground. The selection of dark coloured reflective glass and coated metal claddings and the hefty mass also enhances this perception.

    The building has a closed area of 17.000 m2 on a rectangular plot of 6.200 m2. It houses production, research laboratory and office functions. The centre is used by production engineers, technicians, students, lecturers and employees of incubator offices and thus special spatial arrangements are shaped by the needs of different groups, that eventually affects the massing. The elevations are divided by two horizontal flight lines and the areas directly behind it were kept a distance from the facade to create the perception of a low-rise building structure despite the its actual height.

    The first floor and the entrance floors with service and production volumes are covered with reflective glass to obtain an opaque facade. On the other hand, in the floors where the offices are located above, transparent glass facades are preferred to move away from a dull form and to exhibit the movements of people inside the building. The oblique eave on the corner of the building is considered a contradictory three-dimensional element that attracts users and visitors to the main entrance lobby.

    Due to the special mechanical and electrical requirements, the building is divided vertically into two separate zones. The mechanical and electrical equipment were placed in the first basement and the roof terrace. Expanded metal grids are used around the entire structure to hide the mechanical installation on the roof.

    While the first two floors are reserved for production-focused activities; laboratories, incubation rooms, meeting rooms and classes are located on the 3rd and 4th floors. The 5th floor houses the office spaces and a lounge as a socializing area. Service and cargo entrances are placed in the first basement on the south to separate the pedestrian and vehicle entrances.

    DesignerPiramit Architects
    Lead Architect: Mehmet Toydemir
    Interior Design: Ayse Toydemir Chamuleau
    PhotographyYercekim Architectural Photography