Bayer Offices – Buenos Aires

  • Client Bayer,
  • size 107,639 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Buenos Aires, Argentina,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Contract Workplaces  were engaged by pharmaceuticals company, Bayer , to create a new design for their office located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Bayer wanted a change of image from their offices dating from the beginning of the 90s. The technology has changed and has significantly changed the use of space.

    The experiences in Chile and Uruguay were the result of the departure of the project from Argentina and the challenge to those two success locations. The open space and the absence of closed offices, which includes spaces of relaxation, meeting rooms of 2, 4 and 6 people, social spaces and an improvement in the use of common spaces.

    The design-considered transparency and natural light, ie aspects of modernity, technology and better use of square meters.

    DesignerContract Workplaces
    Design Lead : Andrea Símboli
    Photography : Andrés Negroni