Online Voices Offices – Stockholm

Online Voices has moved into their new Stockholm offices where acoustics and sound material have been purposed to create a playful aesthetic for this global sound production company to call home.

  • Client Online Voices,
  • size 2,841 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Stockholm, Sweden,
  • Industry Professional Services, Technology,
  • Hanna Tunemar Interior & Design has created a sense of space for global sound production company, Online Voices, located in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Designer and interior stylist Hanna Tunemar is the mastermind behind the new interior of Online Voices´ new office and studios in Stockholm. The design concept is playful yet sophisticated and inspired by recording studio culture and sound technology. Hanna used for instance acoustic panels, perforated metal and metal net in a new and creative way. Hanna studied sound as well as the technology behind it and used this inspiration in a sophisticated approach in colours, shapes and materials that flow through the entire office. On the lounge area wall Hanna created an installation with coloured acoustic panels and a design inspired by the buttons of a mixing console. Similar details can be found throughout the office as well as other objects designed by Hanna, like a lamp in the shape of a sound wave.

    Online Voices is a global sound production company and voice over agency with one of the world’s largest voice archives. The latest office addition is an office and 3 studios with surround mix in the heart of Stockholm. Online Voices offers casting, voice recording and sound design for commercials in all languages. They have 10 professional sound studios and partner studios in all parts of the world.

    DesignerHanna Tunemar Interior & Design
    PhotographyMattias Hamrén