Financière des Professionnels Offices – Laval

Trafic Design designed the offices for  Financière des Professionnels , a financial advisor located in Laval, Canada.

Financière des Professionnels is a new satellite office located in downtown Laval. The client meetings are numerous and the new space needed to be both welcoming and functional.

Our challenge was to create a space that resolutely contemporary while respecting their new brand image. The new branding is rich in details; solid and refined at the same time. It is interesting to explore different ways to infuse the space with those details.

The color scheme we chose is bold; the main corridor is spacious and the glazing very present; helping us to paint the walls in a solid black color. The corridor now becomes the structural element of the design. The richness of the details coupled with rich textures gave the space all the warmth needed to create a great ambiance.

DesignerTrafic Design
Photography : Annie-Claude Bédard