APTIV Offices – Shanghai

  • Client APTIV,
  • size 37,700 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Technology,
  • JAXDA  completed the office design for global technology company, APTIV , located in Shanghai, China.

    After the announcement that the company would be split into two highly focused and listed companies. Delphi Automotive public limited announced the name of two independent companies after its spin off in 2017, “APTIV” and “Delphi Technology”

    After serving Delphi in a number of design and engineering projects. JAXDA continues to work with APTIV to create a headquarters office in Anting, Shanghai. APTIV as a high-tech innovative enterprise, they want to focus on accelerating the commercialization of areas as well as active safety, automatic driving, enhanced driving experience and interconnected services. They also provide the “brain” and “nerves” of vehicles that need software, advanced computing platforms and network architectures to achieve these goals.

    The industrial upgrading and branding are very important for APTIV. JAXDA focus on corporate culture communication and traditional office change with customers. the transformation of APTIV office space from tradition to high technology and trend innovation has been completed.

    This project provided a simplified expression of modern technology space feeling, supplemented with light line division, aluminum panel metal texture, cloth and other materials. In the color performance, the white background is used to embellish the orange APTIV brand.

    Throughout the project, from the reception hall to large and small conference rooms, including the president’s office has used a lot of office technology. For example, in the conference room, users can control the environment lighting, blinds, screens, remote video systems and audio systems through central control.

    APTIV cafeteria, change the future design of office space technology to create a leisure style with industrial style. By using Steelcase’s loose furniture, it can also serve as an excellent venue for organizing business activities.

    APTIV Anting is not only a future-oriented office space, but also a multi-faceted place to balance work and life.

    Photography : Tommy Zhu