DICE / EA Games Offices – Stockholm

DICE and EA Games are now under one roof in a dynamic Stockholm office that displays each company's strong brand presence throughout every room of the 160,000 square foot space.

  • Client DICE, EA Games,
  • size 161,458 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Stockholm, Sweden,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • Studio Stockholm has executed a design for video game developer, DICE / EA Games, located in Stockholm, Sweden.

    The transition of the once emerging gaming marvel into a world class international gaming studio meant that the move from the spectactular ‘Glashuset’ in Slussen to an ordinary office building in Södermalm’s ‘Fatburen’ was as much about the embodiment of the entire brand as it was a physical move.

    In this project Studio Stockholm acted both as the landlord’s architectural representation for principal drawings as well as the tenant’s own design architect.

    The challenges included to create the most attractive and inspiring workplace for game developers from all over the world while refocusing DICE’s brand – from the creative, playful upstart to a leading international game studio. Studio Stockholm sought out to strengthen the possibility of internal innovation. They need to organise and rationalise a very large office area (15.000 sqm) and figure out solutions for several companies to coexist under one roof all while on a tight schedule.

    The process included assisting with the search for and evaluation of potential premises according to the industry’s high demands for sufficient ventilation, cooling, electricity, technical equipment and security; offer strategic assistance with the agreement for the premises; and perform a strategic analysis with workshops, employee performance surveys and interviews to identify needs and challenges. The goal was to create a subtle, spatial experience that challenges conventions, benefits creativity and mirrors the brand’s strength in each room. With the help of lighting, the expectation of going into another reality was built, creating a desire to get into the heart of the company. Studio Stockholm optimised workspaces to make it easy for colleagues to remain focused on their work and created ample

    The result of the project is a world-class international gaming studio which strengthened DICE’s employer branding. The office has become a hot topic in the gaming industry and has created hype about DICE as a workplace. The space is a creative and flexible office which promotes innovation, knowledge, participation and productivity. There is overall increased internal efficiency and production rate. The project was awarded first place in the competition “Sweden’s best-designed office in 2016”.

    DesignerStudio Stockholm
    PhotographyPer Kristiansen