Smarp Offices – Helsinki

  • Client Smarp,
  • size 6,587 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Helsinki, Finland,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Start-up knowledge-sharing platform company, Smarp, tasked Mint & More Creative to design their offices located Helsinki, Finland.

    We designed a comfy office home for Smarp, a young and international start-up working on their knowledge-sharing platform. Smarp had grown out of their old office, and they found a new office in central Helsinki. The new office had to be relaxed, inspiring and communal. It had to have enough open space for their weekly all-hands-on-deck moments, but allow for privacy to concentrate on work. Smarp’s old furniture was given a new life by reusing them creatively.

    Smarp has two main teams, IT and sales, that were split into two sides of the office. In the middle was the kitchen lounge, which was designed to be the heart of the whole office. The kitchen lounge has a pool table (obviously), and a custom LED-sign that could be used to convey messages to the community.

    Smarp is proud of its hashtagged corporate values, including #besmarp, #solver and #getshitdone. We designed the meeting rooms to each exemplify one of their values. #GSD is a meeting room for only quick sessions, with a maximum duration of 15-30 minutes (or 60 mins provided you need to save the world).

    We created several custom design elements for the office, such as the wheel of fortune for the #solver room, six graphic posters for #besmarp, and the world map made of acoustic paneling in #fomo. Other fun decorations were added to suit the concept, like the short-straw and rock-paper-scissor display.

    Even though the office is playful, everything is designed to serve the purpose of getting work done efficiently. The office has a #snooze room for quick power naps, but also functions as a meeting room. The open workspace is comfortable with a green wall, in addition to lots of potted plants.

    DesignerMint & More Creative
    PhotographyEsa Kapila