DPG Communication Agency Offices – Moscow

With an agile design in play, DPG Communication Agency's employees have the freedom to choose where to spend their day in a comfortable, inspiring and flexible work environment.

  • Client DPG Communication Agency,
  • size 5,381 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • T+T Architects were tasked with the office design for creative services company, DPG Communication Agency, located in Moscow, Russia.

    DPG is a creative communications agency that has been implementing large-scale projects for international and Russian companies for more than 10 years. The agency has repeatedly received awards in the field of creativity and marketing communications.

    The communications industry is changing faster than any other. New technologies require the restructuring of traditional business processes, the restructuring of companies and the organization of the workplace.

    Openness to the world, free exchange of information is important for most of DPG employees. The environment is no less important.

    The architects had a task to design a working space that would be comfortable, eco-friendly and non-standard designed, inspiring. Moreover, one of the key tasks in DPG is the continuous generation of fresh creative ideas.

    The basis of the concept of the new office was the ideology of Agile. The meeting and recreation area, around which there are offices and open space, was chosen as the central functional element of the interior.

    Young DPG employers find it hard to spend all day at the table. They need different formats of the working space and maximum mobility. This approach is consistent with the Agile philosophy. Therefore, in DPG people use laptops, not desktop computers.

    One of the original solutions was the design of the recreation area with low real woodpiles, overgrown with succulents. Specially selected plants, including tangerine and olive trees, bring Sicilian notes in the general atmosphere. It is important that the air was saturated with oxygen in Moscow climate, so there is a lot of greenery in the office – and in the design and on the desktop.

    The whole project based on the design and implementation took 5.5 months.

    DesignerT+T Architects
    PhotographyIlya Ivanov