Spencer Travel Offices – Sydney

  • Client Spencer Travel,
  • size 6,673 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Industry Professional Services, Travel,
  • Morphos  has created an office design that accommodates the growth of travel agency, Spencer Travel , located in Sydney, Australia.

    Spencer Travel is an award-winning corporate travel agency, delivering world-class travel management solutions. Morphos to design and construct an exciting new workspace to reflect their culture and place in the industry.

    Aiming for a new home for Spencer Travel. Using three design elements; harmony, functionality and visually interesting details, merged with a unique concept, we were able to create a workspace that is bold and intriguing to both staff and visitors.

    Starting at reception, and continuing in the space, the use of timber finish, dark colors and green accents give the office a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Being the front-of-house, the reception is designed to showcase the client’s achievements and express their identity. Using custom-made floating shelves and accent lighting, this area did that, creating the type of reception area that ‘wows’ visitors and fills employees with a sense of pride.

    The large kitchen and breakout area is a central point for staff collaboration and relaxation. Traveling away from the city center, there is an increased reliance on amenities within the office space. Ensuring staff feel comfortable in their work environment, a high priority for the company stakeholders, and one way to achieve this.

    Elements of Feng Shui were thus used during the design process to ensure that the space had the right flow. Curved walls, soft furniture and an abundance of indoor plants have been completed, and have been supplemented with joinery.

    Photography : Luc Remond