KCI Group Headquarters – Kaohsiung

Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute designed the headquarters for KCI Group located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The KCI headquarters is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It was constructed adjacent to a 30-meter road providing office, conference, and warehousing space. Facing the road, a suspended moulded wall was installed to reduce the impact of the hustle and bustle outside. At a glance, the second floor appears smaller due to the glass exterior of the first floor being withdrawn from the interior of the glass to give a feeling of suspension. The design choice has allowed for plentiful natural light and abundant vegetation. The changing environment creates a unique visual experience for the office space. A natural passage of time is created by the displacement of the light and shade, giving the space life.

On the left side of the building, a raised platform was installed to act as a buffer before entering the building. The height of the platform forms an interesting proportional relationship with the suspended moulded wall. It forms a balcony on the second floor creating excellent continuity while facilitating a space for employees and visitors to interact with each other.

The stairs to the left of the building provide a clear direction of movement, reducing the interference with the use of the space on the first floor. The use of space on the first floor is slightly lower than the outdoor platform by 70 cm, so that the behavioural patterns on the first and second floors are more cohesive. It also creates a sense of fun when using the space on the first floor. The space on the first floor contains a medium-sized conference room available to all members of staff. The large glass window outside the conference room hides the suspended moulded wall. The green space between the walls and the interior compartment will open the door for a wonderful businesslike visual space. The extensiveness of the visual space has helped to exclude any signs of external disturbances.

The second floor is the office area for the supervisors and some of the staff. The space has set up a generous reception space just like that of a living room in someone’s home. This area will provide an opportunity for employees to deal with visitors and guests in a much more relaxed environment. Because of suspended and closed metal outer walls; the moderate opening of the top cover creates a feeling of light and shadow moving through the space. The introduction of light-weight wood flooring for the outdoor terrace makes it possible to create a more stable living space. Such a wonderful space can create better value inside and outside the company.

DesignerChain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Photography: Kuo-Min Lee