Dallas Morning News Offices – Dallas

A former historical library is now the office of the Dallas Morning News, a fitting place to celebrate and reflect the importance of stories told in the greater Dallas area.

  • Client Dallas Morning News,
  • size 93,000 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Dallas, Texas, United States,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Gensler has completed the office design for the Dallas Morning News which complements the news source’s involvement in telling the many stories of Dallas, Texas.

    The Dallas Morning News recently moved into the repurposed and historic Old Dallas Central Library, whose story juxtaposes historical preservation and digital advancement, and the balance and beauty of both. The DMN has been deeply involved in telling the “stories” of the city, while driving their digital progress forward. What better place for their next chapter than a repurposed historical library?

    Part of a larger redevelopment effort that is acting as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization, the renovation turns the building into an anchor with a strong street level presence. The double-height news floor occupies the former reading room of the library and is a fixture in the neighborhood, connecting them directly to the cityscape.

    Historical components have been restored or carefully reproduced such as the bookshelves lining the newsroom and the original coffered ceiling. Other notable features include the large auditorium space that can be used for internal purposes or external community events, and a running media ticker that lines the walls of the lower level and is completely visible to pedestrians. This public-facing space helps connect the Dallas Morning News with the local community, creating a natural relationship through transparency and openness.

    The Dallas Morning News sought to reconnect with the community, and choosing the right space to achieve this was crucial. They made the decision to move from one George Dahl building to another, maintaining the long-lasting relationship between the prominent architect’s work and the Dallas Morning News. As a historical landmark, the building had to be reviewed and approved by the National Park Service.

    The goal was to create an uplifting, exciting space that mirrored the direction that the Dallas Morning News was taking, while also paying homage to the historical significance that the building and news organization brought to Dallas. Elements like the coffered ceiling and original circulation desk were preserved to fit the new design.

    Decreasing the square footage from their past building to the new downtown location in turn reduced the carbon footprint that the news organization had on Dallas. In an effort to integrate the community into the space, the auditorium was designed to fit internal and external needs. The façade was meant to remain the same with a series of transparent street-level windows, with lighting and news tickers engaging passersby, a metaphor for the client’s value of community connection and transparency in journalism.

    ContractorTriArc Construction
    Photography: Garrett Rowland, Alicia Spaete