TOPOSITION Construction Offices – Kaohsiung

  • Client TOPOSITION,
  • size 7,610 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Kaohsiung, Taiwan,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute realized the offices for the TOPOSITION Construction offices located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

    The architecture is an office near outside of the headquarters. Originally the plane is not related to the curved wall at the entrance outside the architecture; however, based on the idea of creating more coordination between space and architecture, The curved wall at the entrance hall is created to connect the office’s entrance hall and headquarters’ lobby, by using stone materials to extend interior space from outdoors.From the glass wall to the curved stone wall reduces the external interference. The new stone wall extends the original arc of the building, and enhances the interest and coordination of the space.

    There is a substantial adjustment on space arrangement. The side entrance breaks the original pattern and makes the buffer for the original route in the space. The original arrangement was all atrium spaces, we transform the office area into an atrium, so that there is only a difference of one floor, you will first see the ground level before the second level. The space converges and then open.After entering the room, you are drawn to the natural light which creates a path from start to finish.Open the originally closed walls and set the French windows to create a comfortable environment for people to appreciate nature.

    The colors of the floor and book wall separate working area and multi-functional area. The multi-functional area provides conference, dining, and modular kitchen, it is not only a place for interactions but also a place to rest.There is a long window on the west side to view the landscape pool from inside. It is brings vitality and sunshine. The book wall are set to provide protection against exposure from the sun creating a stable working environment. The display areas of building materials and samples are set behind the working area to provide users a place to collect and discuss. The usage of exposed form element is continued to minimize the use of materials and create the continuation of space.The small angle light source is used in the working area with empty space to augment the weakness of light projection. The table lights increase the sense of hierarchy. Enhancing the comfortable working atmosphere. The lamps are hidden in the grille to reduce glare.

    The bookcase is used to make sense of the flow between floors. By combining the upper and lower bookcase, the connection between the two floors is increased. The steps are planted on the wall and present light visual sense to make every single step like floating in space. We use the bookcase to reduce disruption to making the work area more stable.The power of geometry is well arranged in the space, and the vertical style of design is continued to create an extreme visual effect and space phenomenon. It is wished to be not only an office area, but a space with people connection.

    DesignerChain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
    Photography: Yana Zhezhela, Kuo-Min Lee