Prologis Offices – Warsaw

  • Client Prologis,
  • size 9,472 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Warsaw, Poland,
  • Industry Financial / Investments, Real Estate Services,
  • Colliers International was engaged by the global leaders in logistics real estate, Prologis, to design their new offices located in Warsaw Poland.

    Working on the project, we prioritized the understanding of the Client’s aims, the work style and culture. The first task was to understand the causes of the poor acoustics in the office and to improve it. As a result, only the server room has remained unaltered.

    Before we started the design phase, we paid a lot of attention to an in-depth analysis of the needs of the company and its business. For example, we have examined the workload and the types of activities in various parts of the office, the way meetings are conducted and their location, and the required size of meeting rooms and conference rooms. We have evaluated the current utilization of the storage area and archive in relation to space requirements. After many discussions and decisions, we managed to recover a lot of space, which we used to enlarge the kitchen, and create new meeting rooms and a relaxation room. We supplemented our research with meetings and workshops, both functional and visual. Employees not only contributed to the definition of needs, but also participated in the design process.

    This is why the design of the Prologis office is the result of creative cooperation between us and the Client’s design team. The office concept – simple and classic forms in the style of Japanese minimalism – emerged during one of the workshops. We decided to add a touch of warmth to the light grey, spacious interiors by using natural oak wood.

    Initially, the entire office ceiling was to be replaced with a high-quality mineral ceiling, because in many places a GK ceiling was previously employed, which tended to produce poor interior acoustics. However, we decided to forego the ceiling in the reception and customer areas entirely, so that these narrow spaces, restricted by the building’s shape and design, became more spacious. In order to add warmth to the light grey interiors, we used suspended oak beams in combination with wall panels, producing a Japanese-style effect. We have repeated the theme of intersecting beams in the customer space – using partitions and openwork barriers – and in the workspace, to achieve visual separation of the project work area, used for collaboration.

    High-quality LVT panels imitating natural oak parquet, arranged in the form of French chevron, line the floor of the large kitchen. Beautiful subdued blue and copper details, such as decorative fittings and fruit bowls, round off the interior. As we worked on the design, we took inspiration not only from Japanese minimalism, but also from “Biophilic Design”, which has an impact on increased productivity, improved social relations and the philosophy of well-being. We wanted to create an interior that would be linked to nature. We have achieved this effect through the use of solid wood and veneer for interior decoration. The floor imitates fabrics, scattered pebbles and a Japanese garden.

    Nature is also directly present in the office, the most important example being the large number of plants, both those that bring to mind bamboo groves and those that purify the air.

    DesignerColliers International
    Design Team: Zofia Hejduk, Katarzyna Betley-Stolarz, Sylwia Pędzińska, Dorota Osiecka, Grzegorz Rajca, Maria Kubacka-Świątek
    Furniture: Bene, Arc Interiors
    PhotographySzymon Polański