SumUp Offices – Sofia

Flexibility, multifunctional and elegance are themes in the SumUp offices in Sofia with natural elements that make for a home-like and cozy experience for employees.

  • Client SumUp,
  • size 12,378 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Sofia, Bulgaria,
  • Industry Financial / Investments, Technology,
  • MMXX architects created an open work space for mobile payments company, SumUp, located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    The office is located in a newly-built structure, occupying an entire floor plate of 1150 square meters. The plan is designed as an open work area with discrete spaces comprising several meeting rooms of various sizes, coffee and water stations, rest nooks, dining and game zones, soundproofed telephone booths, fully equipped kitchen and bar.

    The area in which the main kitchen is located serves as a multifunctional space that can be used for presentations, entertainment, events, table tennis, dining, etc. The largest and fully glazed room is used for presentations, lectures and multimedia events for a larger audience. The space has the option to be fully open to the office interior and the view outside, or to be enclosed with thick curtains which provide a higher degree of privacy when needed. The furniture in this room is multifunctional – the chairs double as tables giving greater flexibility to the layout. The rest of the meeting rooms are more traditional, having a single large table with a varying number of chairs around it. They are finished in three distinct colors of bricks, which distinguish them from one another and also inspire their names.

    Various furniture manufacturers were involved in implementing the ideas that define this unique space and its varied features. The majority of the furniture in the office is modular and movable, which allows flexibility according to the occupants’ needs at any particular moment. Work tables made of metal and solid wide-plank oak are specially designed for this work environment.

    Characteristic of the interior concept is the combination of various materials such as concrete ceilings and columns, brickwork, wood paneling, glass and metal. The lack of suspended ceilings and the deliberate display of all ceiling installations, exposed concrete and brick walls give the space an industrial appearance. On the other hand, the use of carpet, natural wood flooring and wall finishes, wool rugs and leather furniture, sofas and soft cushions give elegance and home-like coziness to the office.

    DesignerMMXX architects
    Design Team: Magdalena Matanova and Hristo Hadzhiganchev
    Dealers: CarpetMax, SKLADA, Sofia Design District, Altronics Light
    Photography: StudioNoise