FP Marine and Howden Insurance Brokers Offices – Hong Kong

  • Client FP Marine, Howden Insurance Brokers,
  • size 9,750 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Industry Insurance,
  • One Space Limited was engaged by sister companies of the Hyperion Insurance Group, FP Marine and Howden Insurance Brokers, to design their collaborative offices located in Hong Kong.

    This agile work environment in Causeway Bay brings together on one large floorplate FP Marine Risks and Howden Insurance Brokers, sister companies under the Hyperion Insurance Group, which is the world’s largest employee-owned insurance business.

    Although these teams had largely worked together in the same premises for a few years, this relocation project would present an unprecedented opportunity to tailor-make a revitalized home that would support a more integrated business operation and generate synergies previously untapped.

    The floor plate is a large, ‘square doughnut’ with lift lobby access delivering guests to the side offering excellent views over Victoria Harbour. This allowed the designers to create a singular, large-scale multi-purpose ‘living room’ right at the crossroads of the premises, where guests and staff intermingle in a hospitality-type setting presenting a variety of fixed and moveable seating choices. The remainder of the floor plate is arranged in ‘neighborhoods’ of between 20 & 40 workstations each, to promote socialization and bonding within the larger organizational structure.

    Breakout spaces, brainstorm areas and a secondary wet pantry anchor each corner of the ‘square doughnut’, aiding navigation by creating approachable and easy-to-use destinations. The Client opted for no enclosed offices, with Focus Rooms and shielded settings providing for confidentiality when needed. Across the whole anatomy, the diverse array of work setting choices are designed to forge stronger bonds and foster more fluid collaboration amongst team-mates and guests.

    DesignerOne Space Limited
    Design Team: Greg Pearce, Dickson Yuen, Jan Chui, Daniel Lam, Ella Chan, Sharon Lau
    Photography: Graham Uden