BDO Offices – Toronto

Designed with an emphasis on learning in a multi-generational work environment, the new BDO office in Toronto is now an example for the global accounting firm's regional offices across Canada.

  • Client BDO,
  • size 28,600 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Toronto, Canada,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Lemay was engaged by global accounting services company, BDO, to design their offices located in Toronto, Canada.

    A workplace strategy promoting excellence and empowerment

    From millennials to baby boomers, professionals from all generations, backgrounds and skills work at BDO. This new workplace is adapted to generational needs and how individual professionals wish to work, especially with relation to flexibility and a mobility program.

    Excellence through knowledge-sharing

    The new space aims to foster learning and empowerment with a new centre of excellence for teaching, refresher training, collaboration and knowledge transfer. The center will also bring employees and their clients together to learn, grow, collaborate both physically and virtually.

    A firm commitment to a healthy environment

    In line with BDO’s sustainability program, BDO Green (a firm-wide commitment to protecting the planet), biophilic designs were added throughout the work spaces to purify the air while providing a haven for inspiration and innovation.

    Having reached its objectives, the concept will now be implemented in the firm’s regional offices across Canada.

    Designer & ArchitectLemay
    PhotographyClaude-Simon Langlois