Magu Design Offices – Stavanger

  • Client Magu Design,
  • size 3,875 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Stavanger, Norway,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • Magu Design has completed their new offices, designed to facilitate the different phases of projects, located in Stavanger, Norway.

    The office is located in Stavanger East, a city district by the harbor where people live an urban lifestyle surrounded by green pockets of nature. The area consists of an architectural mix of both old industrial buildings and new buildings. Tinngata 1, which is a housing block with commercial units, with windows from floor to ceiling at the ground level in one of Stavangers most trendy areas, is perfect for us.

    We saw the need for a place where we could work effectively on our projects throughout all the different phases, and at the same time have a place where we could show of our discipline as interior architects, meet new people, and most importantly have a place we could be proud of. We wanted to create an environment that distinguishes our office from other offices both functional and visual, by doing this we strengthen our identity as a company, as well it increases the wellbeing and sense of belonging for the employees. The office is designed with several different features adapted to the tasks to be performed, weather it is collaboration between employees or more independent and reflective work. The heart of Magus office consists of a big part of the space to create a good first impression when you enter the room. The heart is designed for social settings in all its varieties; the space is used for meetings, coffee and lunch breaks, and this is also where we greet our clients.

    We had high ambitions for the project in the terms of creating an inspiring workplace with good synergies between people. The office is not just a place to work; it’s also a showroom that expresses what we represent. We have chosen to create an atmosphere that combines warmth and personality with rough industry. The style is minimalistic and luxurious as well as sophisticated and timeless. Dark materials and colors are used to create depth and a clear identity. A combination of masculinity and femininity makes the space unique; marble is used on the kitchen bench, the wall and on some furniture, together with black leather and soft textiles the atmosphere becomes warm and cool.

    DesignerMagu Design
    Contractor: Fakta Bygg, Caverion
    PhotographyArne Bru Haug