Airbnb Headquarters – San Francisco

Inspired by a sense of "Belonging Anywhere", the Airbnb Environments Team has created a variety of workspace options to exemplify the sharing economy, a fundamental concept at the core of Airbnb's mission.

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  • Client Airbnb,
  • size 107,000 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location California, San Francisco, United States,
  • Industry Hospitality, Technology,
  • The Airbnb Environments Team with WRNS Studio and IDF Studio completed the offices for Airbnb, located in San Francisco, California.

    Airbnb Environments Philosophy

    At our core, we’re an urban brand and our offices belong in cities. Offering variety + amenities while staying dense means we look to concepts of the sharing economy rather than the old model of individual ownership + mass redundancy. Simply put, if we spend less time at a desk, we need fewer desks and can make room for the variety of places and ways we work.

    Environments activates Belong Anywhere as a transformative philosophy with the power to change work and event space forever.

    We design spaces for Airbnb to host our employees and guests, creating environments that encourage and exemplify our core values.

    We strive to be the vanguard of design thinking as we explore nascent potential of the sharing economy and its impact on our built environment.

    Design Team: Airbnb Environments Team, WRNS Studio and IDF Studio
    WRNS Studio Team: Kyle Elliott, Wright Sherman, Edwin Halim, Stephanie Hebert, Jane Chua, Wesley Wong, Pauline Souza, Sam Nunes
    Photography: Jeremy Bittermann