Sapphire Ventures Offices – Palo Alto

A space of dualities, Sapphire Venture's Palo Alto offices have a fresh look with a design that is elegant, but industrial; intense, but warm; edgy, but comfortable.

  • Client Sapphire Ventures,
  • size 6,831 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Palo Alto, California, United States,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Studio O+A designed a comfortable work environment for venture capital firm, Sapphire Venture, located in Palo Alto, California.

    Balance of Powers – O+A designed Sapphire Ventures’ recharged space in Palo Alto to be an expression of these dichotomies. A visioning session with Sapphire’s team uncovered two-fold aspirations for virtually every aspect of the new space: elegant, but industrial; intense, but warm; edgy, but comfortable. (Not too comfortable). We recognized this duality as central to the success of a company that balances visionary resource allocation with asset management based on the classic principles of finance.

    Scaling Up to Next Generation – The result was a small office that conveys a big scope. Sapphire’s specialty is venture capital for companies that have proven the viability of their concepts and are now at a point of scaling up. O+A’s design framed the office as a compact wheelhouse steering rapid growth companies to sustainable prosperity. The aesthetic requirements were comfort, strength and openness to new thinking.

    Harmony through Contrasts – A kitchen and a lounge space that would not be out of place in a cozy, modern apartment adjoin private consultation rooms appropriate to a bank. Sculptural light fixtures capture the modernity of a company that invests in the future, while warm wood reassures that that future will be shaped by values we share. Overall the impact is friendly, professional, forward-looking and confident—a message all can welcome in turbulent times.

    DesignerStudio O+A
    Design Team: Lisa Bieringer, Mindi Weichman, Dani Gelfand, Kristina Cho
    ContractorHathaway Dinwiddie
    Photography: Garrett Rowland