Ribo Fashion Group Zhimei Research and Development Center Offices – Shanghai

  • Client Ribo Fashion Group,
  • size 25,833 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • A3 VISION completed the design for the Ribo Fashion Group Zhimei Research and Development Center offices located in Shanghai, China.

    “in the inner life more serious person, also has begun to live more simple in appearance “. A company’s cultural philosophy is just like a person’s life philosophy As the Zhimei technology R&D center under the Ribo fashion group, advanced technology is the simplest and most serious initial intention in the process of “complete things well”, existing as the cornerstone.

    The basic space is a long and narrow structure without atrium, and the surrounding is relatively closed. How to relieve people’s anxious mood in the environment? It is a practical problem that the design team needs to solve. Therefore, “how to make space breathe” is a design thought throughout the whole process: try to reduce the use of whole solid wall as the partition, use wooden grille and transparent glass instead, and combine different forms of windows to achieve the functional requirements of opening and privacy to achieve visual breathing; Through the creation of the natural scene in the public area and the addition of memory and cultural elements, the space can achieve emotional breathing.

    Three randomly scattered log square boxes are grouped together with the front area to form a natural courtyard. The courtyard life style is the most story-related and emotionally connected residential form: nature and neighborhood. People infiltrate each other’s life in this, becoming part of each other’s growing memory.

    The concept of “place” is emphasized in the form of changeable open space and mobile office which can be added with things at any time in the future application to meet the business form of office needs and provide the configuration of compound space. The casual and relaxed place environment, the artistic and fashionable space atmosphere create a creative work place.

    DesignerA3 VISION
    Design Team: Zhifeng Wang, Hongtian Nan, Chao Liu, Jin Fan
    Photography: Schran Studio