Interfood Offices – Burgas

  • Client Interfood,
  • size 1,614 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Burgas, Bulgaria,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Think Forward completed the offices for Interfood, a food logistics company located in Burgas, Bulgaria.

    Think Forward designed the interior space of a warehouse administrative part of a Bulgarian logistics company in the food industry. The universal formula for a successful office design  is open plan, globalized design, biophilic design and game zones.   This is why the project adopts a counter-approach which we called “local identity against global trends” based on several key points including local identity against the globalized office model; visual integration and acoustic isolation against open plan; integration of existing natural factors against artificial interior green accents; and meditation against game zones.

    The structure of the working process determines the architectural plan, which includes a foyer, two separate offices for the managers, one shared – for the employees who are in constant communication, a kitchen office. The spaces are separated by glass partition walls and glass bricks that provide visual connection and acoustic isolation.

    The functional is executed within the concept of the Bulgarian tradition. During the last two decades the company has been a reliable partner of Bulgarian food manufacturing businesses. The sense of stability and trust, combined with the efficiency of new technologies, is implemented in the collision between modern industrial office design, provoked by the warehouse architecture, and the sustainable Bulgarian values. The tradition is updated and recreated in the 21st century while preserving its meaning and artistic value. In the space between the existing industrial floor and the wooden ceiling cladding, contemporary office furniture are harmoniously mixed with product designs from TrEdition furniture line.

    DesignerThink Forward
    Design Team: Galina Milkova, Nedko Nikolov
    Photography: Mara Radeva