ThoughtWorks Offices – Shanghai

  • Client ThoughtWorks,
  • size 10,763 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development, Technology,
  • JAXDA has completed the design for software developer, ThoughtWorks‘ new workplace located in Shanghai, China.

    ThoughtWorks is well-known in IT software development community. Even to people who are not unfamiliar with its name, as long as they look at the introduction of ThoughtWorks on the search engine, will be shocked by their brilliant and wonderful resume. As a global leader in software design and customization, ThoughtWorks focuses on the development of high-quality, sophisticated and innovative business design and creativity consulting. It promotes the innovation and methodological progress of the entire industry with high-end talents, and promotes the healthy ecology of the entire industry chain.

    Different from the delivery center function of ThoughtWorks Chengdu, ThoughtWorks Shanghai’s functions are pre-market, business and partial delivery, so the corporate image and culture are under the spotlight during the design process. We use the theme of “forge ahead” and combine the lines with different angles in a simple style, which is intended to reflect the unique vision of ThoughtWorks and the pursuit of industry-leading spiritual. At the same time, the control of different line angles has also made the original narrow office space abundant.

    As soon as you reach the entrance, you will be attracted by the diamond cutting shape at the front desk. The ThoughtWorks LOGO with small ceilings is combined with the front lighting, and the unique brand impression is conveyed to each visitor in the most direct and strong way. Regardless of the extension of the ceiling shape or the layout of the conference room and the desk, the changes are controlled by a unique angle. As the pace progresses, different angles will present different visual effects, the uniqueness of the space and the theme of FORGING AHEAD are both shown.

    The floor of the large and small conference rooms is decorated with different colors of gradient carpets and extends from the ground to the wall. It maximizes the uniqueness of each room while meeting the design elements. Just like ThoughtWorks, it provides different customers with unique customized products.

    At the ThoughtWorks Shanghai office, all employees do not have their own fixed workstations, and there is a sufficient number of Lockers in the office for use, which greatly improves the mobility of employees, and around any mobile station, You’re sure to find a free communication space that you can use, whether it’s a meeting room, an open communication area, or a semi-private communication area.

    On the far right side of the office, the tea area appears as a small bar, and of course, beer and drinks are available free of charge around the clock. On the side is ThoughtWorks’ “community” event venue. The open space, step seating and graffiti wall settings indicate that this will be a collision-filled area where regular ThoughtWorks-led events and receptions are held, to publish the industry’s most cutting-edge trend reports or to share industry experience.

    JAXDA’s design creates a unique office space combines ideas, trends and styles that only dedicated to ThoughtWorks Shanghai.

    Photography: Ming