CK Office Furniture Inspiration Showroom and Offices – Shenzhen

  • Client CK Office,
  • Location Shenzhen, China,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • Shenzhen Chuangke Furniture Co. designed the CK Office Furniture Inspiration Showroom located in Shenzhen, China.

    CK Office Furniture Inspiration Showroom, located within the International Art Design Center (iADC) in Shenzhen, China, which is the latest work of Chuangke (Makers) Design Team.

    Taking technology and maker culture as key concept, designer use a large number of muted grey colors in interior design, and present us an inspirational office space with comfort, creativity, understated elegance.

    The door header and most of wall surface are decorated with CK special designed aluminum board buckle system. After fine fluorocarbon coating treatment, industrial design aluminum board bring us a sense of distinctively luxurious.

    Cement texture painting extends from the wall to the floor, well match with vigorous blue blocks and green fabric walls. Active and relaxing color collaboration feature with modern innovative furniture perfectly.

    Grey base carpet jointed small piece blue and green color completely match with the showroom’s wall and furniture color tone.

    Straight light combinations and wall washer LED lights, not complicated illumination design but fully satisfy the decorative requirements, meanwhile expand the space through light’s visual effects.

    Clear tempered glass with white CK aluminum profile provide a great partition between the inner and external area, moreover create an open and transparent space for CK Inspiration Showroom.

    DesignerShenzhen Chuangke Furniture Co.
    Photography: DingXiaXia