Happychic Group Offices – Shanghai

  • Client Happychic,
  • size 13,347 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • BMB Workplace Design has created the design for the Happychic Group offices, a French fashion company located in Shanghai, China.

    A clear brief, a mature and professional client, and a challenging space. 3 key elements in the successful completion of the project.

    A Story of Integration – The french fashion design company contacted us to request support in the development of their new offices in Shanghai, which will bring together multiple offices for all of their brands into the same space. The objective of the project, the space planning requirements and guidelines were clearly defined since the beginning.

    A Challenging Space – The renovation took place in a very difficult building, a late-80s construction that lacked of digital drawings and precise information of the existing facilities. A very limited chance for technical enhancements and precision transformed the project from an typical interior desk task into a detailed technical sets of solutions where the design team, general contractor and client took every issue from the construction site as an opportunity for design improvements.

    A Clear intent – Since day 1, the client’s intention matched with the design proposal of our team: a pristine, sharp and clean environment. A drastic transformation from their current traditional offices into a bright, modern and clean space was a key direction from the project. The passion for sharp geometric shapes, smooth surfaces, and high contrast environment are a result of a great match between the client’s intent and the design proposal.

    Overcoming the technical issues opened the doors for a clear team integration, a detailed review of any change and gave to the project a final look even better than the initial proposal.

    DesignerBMB Workplace Design
    Design Team: Jaime Daza, Catalina Calin
    Contractor: JH Decoration
    Photography: Henry Chen