Beyond Science Offices – Shanghai

  • Client Beyond Science,
  • size 64,583 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Ujing Interior Design designed the offices for Beyond Science, an internet technology innovation company located in Shanghai, China.

    Beyond Science company is a technology company which focus on internet technology innovation. This time, the company commissioned our company to design the headquarters office in Shanghai. It consists of five-story monolithic buildings and about 6000 square meters. Considering Beyond Science company’s core-competitiveness and its future impact on the world, we hope that through the distinctive design concepts to make people to see the vitality and creativity of a new technology company from China.

    We mainly show the design from three aspects: Internet characteristics, Chinese elements, and the application of VI(Visual Identity) color. First of all, Internet characteristics–in order to reflect the characteristics of the Internet, we make the whole space present a sense of flow, relaxation, pleasure and freedom. The combination of open space and private space makes office space more flexible and interesting. Secondly, Chinese elements–in order to embody the charm of Chinese culture and the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture, we have ingeniously placed wooden cards in the office space, the concise fancy screen and flower rack screen(combination of vertical wood chips and steel plates) in the meeting areas, and the wooden-striped walls and ceilings in pantries. The kind of second creation design based on Chinese traditional culture is full of emotion and modern sense. At last, the application of VI–we use the logo black to enhance the associative perception of the office space, and use the logo yellow on some furniture and grounds to make the space more active. At the same time, we use a large areas of wood color to give the space a warm and friendly feeling.

    DesignerUjing Interior Design
    Design Team: Ye Shanhe, Zhong Xia, Han Fangfang, Liu Jiarui
    Photography: Lu Luxi