Occupational English Test Offices – Melbourne

Concept Commercial Interiors has developed a design that reflects the vibrant culture of Occupational English Test located in Melbourne, Australia.

We ran an in-depth personalised discovery process to understand our global client OET. The learnings formed the design basis and created the requirements for their new workspace. The design delivers a strong Melbourne presence and captures OET’s vibrant culture within a workspace that is used the way it is intended.

A key component of the design was the shift towards an inclusive open plan and flexible workplace environment, designed to nurture both the collaborative, long hours and focused workstyles. The layout respects the diverse needs and behaviours of staff as well as encouraging by-chance collaboration to occur. All staff, including the CEO, are now part of the communal workspace.

Throughout the discovery process it became clear their new space needed to support a fun and vibrant culture while providing the dedicated employees spaces for relaxation and escape. Therefore, the notion that employees felt at home became a significant theme of the design.

This at home themed workspace design echoes societies merging of work and home life, representing the limitless boundaries of the workplace.

Multiple breakout and lounge spaces are positioned throughout, and can be reconfigured, as needed. Each lounge contains elements that reveal the story and diversity of the people of OET; the authentic Egyptian ottoman gifted by the office manager, the Italian reclaimed elm and brass coffee table. These elements emphasise the familiarity of home.

We blurred the boundaries between home and conventional workspace design to achieve the ‘at home’ concept identified during the discovery sessions. The emphasis was placed on understanding the client, which provided the foundation for the design direction. Resulting in a layout that advances traditional ideas of workplace design.

Employees and guests are now welcomed into the lounge and kitchen of OET’s Melbourne home. This theme continues into the industrial glass meeting spaces which contain dining tables and chairs. These elegant and innovative rooms complement the primary focus which remains the central hub.

This design allows for a living workspace environment that supports OET’s evolution, record its history and captures its journey. Deliberately providing opportunities for employees to continue adding personalised touches. The custom bookshelf, writeable walls and leather furniture selections, all showcase elements that will evolve and develop character and build a story over time, specific to OET Melbourne.

Brand identity was an important aspect of the brief and was a strong element conveyed in the design, through shape, colour and reflection. Circular tables, pendant lights & rugs mimic OET’s logo. The workstation umbilical cords subtly echo of the use of the company’s colour palette and shape. As does the repeated reflection of the “O” in OET on the meeting room glass walls, these delicately reinforce the company’s brand.

We provided a design that represents OET’s working style and identity. Demonstrating how a built environment can enhance a company’s culture, values and continue to evolve with them.

DesignerConcept Commercial Interiors
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