Unilever Vector Offices – Konya

  • Client Unilever,
  • size 52,484 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Konya, Turkey,
  • Industry FMCG, Food / Beverage,
  • Studio 13 Architects realized the design for the Unilever Vector offices (including their brands Omo, Domestos, Rinso, Clear, Dove, signal, Rexona Factory) located in Konya, Turkey.

    One of the best examples among Studio 13’s many projects is Unilever Algida factory’s offices and social areas design. The factory is located in Konya/ Turkey and Unilever’s globally first factory with environment friendly LEED certificate. By designing all the offices and social areas, Studio 13 has made a very efficient design for employees with a vision of environment friendly green office.

    With Unilever’s sustainability vision, Algida Konya factory is currently using the following methods; rain water harvesting and re-use, natural lighting methods in the production and storage areas, heat recovery in the productions areas and auxiliary plants, plant location optimization to reduce the carbon footprint, ‘zero waste’ management, heat production from the waste treatment plant, onsite waste separation system, 100% recycled energy usage at process and auxiliary plants, energy monitoring and analysis system in auxiliary plants and production areas, using high efficiency motors and equipment throughout the factory. The interior design is completed based on this context by pay attention to these methods.
    Natural and environmentally friendly materials were used in interior design and material selection. The use of colors, graffiti, icons and visuals in the architectural project were designed to fit both the corporate identity and the creation of a fun and modern atmosphere.

    DesignerStudio 13 Architects
    PhotographyÜmit Uygun