Bonduelle Offices – Moscow

  • Client Bonduelle,
  • size 18,298 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Office Times was engaged by Bonduelle, a French food company, to design their latest offices located in Moscow, Russia.

    Bonduelle is family company from North of France. New office is in Moscow in Business Center Krasnoselsky. The company occupies 1,700 square meters for its office space in green office style.

    The company’s culture is open and accessible to all employees, which is reflected in the layout and design of the office space.

    The main space is showroom with the possibility of cooking and new culinary ideas from Bonduelle products. This is a place to test new products, their combinations, food options and new recommendations for healthy food lovers.

    Phyto design also became the basу of office design, where plants play an important decorative and practice role.

    Canteen became a place for discussion and communication of employees who are really designers of new tastes. There are no large meeting areas or board rooms in the office, but there are some points for for 2-4 people negotiations and quick communications ore common discussions. This this is because the main life of the office is taste.

    The design is in nature colors solutions, also used natural materials such as wood, moss, stone.
    Do not forget about the social active life of the company. That is why the office has a small gym for employees, which also characterizes the company as a responsible employer.

    The new Bonduelle office is full of life and healthy emotions.

    DesignerOffice Times
    Furniture: PLYCON
    PhotographyAndrey Sorokin