Workings Coworking Offices – Panama City

  • Client Workings Coworking,
  • size 13,562 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Panama City, Panama,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • SY Artquitecta designed the space for the Workings coworking offices located in Panama City, Panama.

    In the exclusive area of Punta Pacifica, in Torre Las Américas, is located the first co working office in Panama. This new concept allows independent professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to share the same work space to develop their projects independently, and at the same time encourage joint projects.

    Workings offers a unique and innovative environment. Designed with an industrial decoration style that has its origin in the typical industry of architecture, an unpretentious and a visual appeal that has to do with the nakedness of its structure and its materials, in which the rough surface, cement coatings, pallet furniture and aged wood, in all its versions make up what will be the image of this decoration. All the installations are in plain sight, air conditioning ducts, piping and rigid pipes to channel the lights, as well as recycled furniture made of pallets and old wood, will end up giving character to this industrial interior design.

    The proposed space for Workings originates by establishing several functional and design criteria, to provide a wide, comfortable work space, with different environments that allows shared and private spaces, allowing members of the community to vary their workspace and stay active.

    Warm lighting was used for the spaces, allowing the natural light to enter from the panoramic windows. A work of suspended sky was carried out, creating 3 circles that illuminate the main room, leaving the rest of the ceiling free and having the sensation of having a great height and placing warm lamps in strategic points. Some interesting details can be seen in the phone booths where a red light is lit as soon as this space is occupied, showing the other members that this space is occupied and the large illuminated crown located as an icon of the brand in the Drinkings area. The selection of furniture mixes different styles and colors that manage to fuse and give harmony to the space.

    DesignerSY Artquitecta
    Photography: Tirone Garcia