Kärcher Offices – Moscow

  • Client Kärcher,
  • size 11,840 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Arch-Box created a functional office design for German-based high pressure cleaner manufacturer Kärcher, located in Moscow, Russia.

    Business goal – The goal of the company was to develop a planning concept that would meet all the functional requirements and also provide solutions for the potential growth of the employee base.

    Design concept – The company’s German origin made itself felt as soon as planning and zoning concept development had started. The spatial solutions were based on functionality and logic. It took quite a long time to find the best option for locating all the departments and related functional zones in the spacious office, but in the end everything turned out to be proportionally fitted.

    Atrium – The distinctive feature of the original layout is the internal atrium, around which all the company premises are located. This kind of a patio, which is absolutely untypical for an office building, goes back to the classical peristyle. This solution made it possible to enrich the office with additional aesthetical and functional features which is usually difficult to provide in buildings like that with typical layout. The meeting rooms and the kitchen area have a panoramic view of the improved space of patio lit with the natural overhead light. Access there is available from both opposite parts of the working space. The patio itself is provided with vary functional zones decorated with plants and trees, At night it is lit by outdoor lamps in the form of large white spheres laying on white pebbles.

    Stylistic solutions – The stylistic solutions for the office are naturally based on Kärcher’s corporate identity. The combination of brutal concrete surfaces with clear white planes of walls and ceilings, straight and energetic lines of light and notable but not tiring bright yellow elements constantly appearing in sigh, give a brand touch to the space and create a clear vision of the location. The overall feeling of the interior can be described as calm and confident, while not losing a sense of technologies, which is so important to the company. There is also a strong focus on the wood and textiles used in the furniture and decoration, without which the office could be too cold and aggressive.

    Photography: Mihail Brezhnev