Deloitte Offices – Lisbon

The fresh redesign for Deloitte breathes new life into the global accounting firm's Lisbon office, providing new workspace solutions that improve productivity and encourage innovation.

  • Client Deloitte,
  • size 129,166 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Lisbon, Portugal,
  • Industry Professional Services,
  • OPENBOOK Architecture realized the office design for Deloitte, global accounting company, located in Lisbon, Portugal.

    The challenge with Deloitte’s office in Lisbon was to redesign and generate new workspace solutions that could promote an upgrade and improvement on the quality of the current workspace. All of this, while encouraging a general increase in productivity and innovation, through the use of new work environments, both within the framework of customer relations as well as internally, with work teams.

    It was also one of the main objectives for these new environments to somehow connect with the Deloitte brand. The project’s architectural concept is based on a synapse, a connection (nervous) between neurons transforming this link into gestures and shapes. Thus, and without breaking with the organized reading of space, elements that add dynamism and spatial tension are introduced, through the placement of various plants, which given their organic and unconventional designs suggest movement and communication between different spaces, or through the careful use of colour, to emphasize punctual situations.

    We tried to create a space where we could work practically anywhere in the building, responding to all the requirements employees need to develop their work. It is a space where you can breathe Deloitte’s DNA and values. This project represents a turning point in workspace solutions and in the positioning of the organization among its various targets, clients, potential clients, professionals and talent acquisition.

    The concepts of hotel hall, lounge and informal areas are the solutions that stand out the most in this project, and that we are not used to seeing in other offices. The food court areas and coffee points were creatively designed and decorated by a variety of artists, showcasing various concepts that allow every collaborator, client or any other person who experiences this space to take part of an inspiring journey throughout the day.

    DesignerOPENBOOK Architecture
    Lobby Interior Design: Joana Aranha
    Photography: FG+SG