Mitsubishi Elevators & Escalators Offices – Istanbul

  • Client Mitsubishi,
  • size 5,812 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Udesign Architecture was tasked with the design for the Mitsubishi Elevators & Escalators offices located in Istanbul, Turkey.

    AG Melco office which is the distributor company of Mitsubishi Elevator and Escalator in Turkey is located in Vadistanbul office blocks. White, grey and color textures are mainly used to balance wooden texture of existing tables of our clients that they wanted to keep. Existing ceiling of the building is exposed combined with the use of dark grey painted sub-constructional elements and blue colored decorative items to help with spaciousness of the area which is in the limits of maximum use on employee count-wise Blue as it is the corporate color of the company is used through the office un-dominantly to give color to space mainly in plank carpeting that is used and with painted glass applications.

    In the open office areas apart from the workstations used for permanent employees that Works in the office all the times, some common working tables are added for field personnel for when they visit and work in the office. Manager rooms that are sized between 10-12sqm are placed facade side throughout the office. There are 2 meeting rooms with different capacities in the office, plus in the center of the area there is multifunctional room which can be used as social area and meeting room. In genel plank carpeting with different colors are used as floor covering but that leaves its place to concrete looking PVC coating that matches the ceiling of the building. Lighting units are separated mainly to 2 different kinds; linear type above open office workstations and custom made design which is a combination of carpenter work and barrisol.

    DesignerUdesign Architecture
    Design Team: Umut Uzuner, Gokcen Hotaman, Emre Şahin, Mehmed Zahid Aras
    Contractor: Udesign Architecture
    PhotographyGurkan Akay