Dan Webster Architects & Nathan Burkett Landscape Design Offices – Melbourne

A space perfectly matched with its stylistic selections as an industrial canvas meets soft furniture, rich textures and greenery at the offices of Dan Webster Architecture and Nathan Burkett Landscape Design in Melbourne.

Dan Webster Architecture and Nathan Burkett Landscape Design have realized a minimal aesthetic for their offices located in Melbourne, Australia.

The shared studio of Nathan Burkett Design and Dan Webster Architecture was created by the pair in collaboration with renowned interior stylist, Simone Haag.

The building (circa early 1900’s) has a colorful history of many forms of retail and industry, which attributed to its industrial canvas. Simone’s soft approach to furniture selection and styling effortlessly compliments the vision. The rich features and textures, combined with the exposed beams, brickwork and greenery, provide a space that is light, harmonious and a gift to creativity.

Project TeamDan Webster ArchitectureNathan Burkett Landscape Design and Simone Haag
Photography: Eve Wilson