BCW Offices – Mexico City

  • Client BCW,
  • size 7,491 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Mexico City, Mexico,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Contract Workplaces created a vibrant and contemporary space for communications agency, BCW, located in Mexico City, Mexico.

    The project for the new working space for BCW México consisted in integrating this agency—part of the WPP group—to the group’s offices in the Punto Polanco building, a project fulfilled by Contract Workplaces in 2017-2018.

    Given BCW’s role as a communications agency, we sought to make their offices reflect a contemporary, vibrant and agile environment, while simultaneously preserving a clear and clean aesthetic that contributed to this message. The premise was to design an open space that could promote team integration, and to maintain versatile common areas wherein different types of activities could be carried out. An open floor plan was chosen, with the operational area on the perimeter of the building in order to take advantage of natural light and city vistas, which enabled the centralization of common services around the core of the building.

    The project incorporates dynamic spaces such as conference rooms with different capabilities, phone booths for virtual calls or meetings, private huddle rooms, fully equipped hot desks for casual meetings, and free-floating workstations. As for recreational areas, an open space was designed which comprises a “work café” and a sector fitted with bleachers where the agency can conduct its own “town halls.”

    One of the challenges was to develop a training space that could also be used daily by employees. This was achieved by designing a divisible multipurpose room which, thanks to mobile panels and equipment, can be transformed into a set of conference rooms of varying sizes.

    Brand image is expressed through the use of colour in different spaces and in elements that feature simple lines. Every single one of these details represents the implementation of materials that feel natural, fresh and innovative, which infuses quality to the space.

    DesignerContract Workplaces
    Project Manager: Sofía Liñero Toca
    Design Team
    : CSC Uruguay / Florencia Manganelli
    Construction Manager: Isaí Reyes Pacheco
    PhotographyAgustín Garza