Spore Offices – Bangkok

  • Client Spore,
  • size 8,140 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Collective Studio has completed the design for the Spore Bangkok offices, a digital media agency company, located in Bangkok, Thailand.

    “Spore is not just a typically one-celled or part of a bacterial cell but rather a virus making viral media spread around the world,” said the owner.

    When we heard this, the first thing we thought of is a laboratory filled with scientists focused on creating extremely contagious viruses to infect the population of the Earth. This later became the theme of “The Underground Laboratory” representing the company’s vision and creating a fun sci-fi themed motivational environment.

    To build on this concept, we designed the entrance as a narrow connecting tunnel from the ground leading to the lab with strip lights along the way. But the big issue of this office is the last people who leave need to turn off all lighting by themselves and mostly they forget, so we move a panel board to here and design it like panel board in a spaceship. Also, when you turn off all electricity it still have one sensor light on but when pass through the door the sensor light will turn off by itself.

    We used raw concrete textures and metal sheets in the collaboration zone to make it look like an underground hall, organized each space with lines on the floor, and decorated the ceiling by refurbishing broken monitors as ceiling lamps. The working zone is designed as a cleanroom which contains all white materials and has caution tape around the area.

    Each meeting room has a different design. For example, 01 meeting room was designed as a server room and 02 meeting room as a surgery room. In this room, we adapted surgery lamps as middle ceiling lamps by changing the bulb type. That’s why the most important thing is to integrate the design concept with office activities.

    DesignerCollective Studio
    Design Team: Kopchai Limpanataywin, Chatnarin Pramnapan
    Contractor: 99 Turnkey Specialist
    Photography: TOPster Photography