King S44 Offices – Stockholm

  • Client King,
  • size 70,805 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Stockholm, Sweden,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • Adolfsson & Partners created a flexible solution for the offices of gaming company King‘s S44 offices located in Stockholm, Sweden.

    King uses a Scrum-based work method and therefore requires a flexible solution for its workstations when the teams change their size and composition, as well as places for both quick stand-up meetings and longer meetings in rooms. Writing surfaces must always be close at hand.

    By interrupting the long aisles and corridors of an open landscape with lateral branches set at a 45-degree angle, open Scrum squares are created for meetings around the whiteboards or in the lounge furniture.

    The floor has a textile carpet to create a noise-reduced environment. The custom-designed carpet has a neutral grey background and a speckled pattern that changes colour as you move between the various landscapes.

    We have created a varied and flexible spatiality around the various work teams by using specially designed moveable textile screens in the form of a stylised geometric landscape. The screens have been given different colour schemes and are combined in different ways depending on which landscape they are in. Their playful forms dissolve the straight lines of the architecture, create rooms within rooms and contribute to a better acoustic environment. All the desks have user-friendly rounded corners and can be raised or lowered to create an ergonomic work environment.

    Because the various teams fluctuate in terms of both their size and storage needs, we have custom designed a multi-functional piece of furniture that both screens off the workstation from the aisle and contains everything a workstation requires.

    The semi-transparent screens of the storage solution are made of perforated varnished aluminum and embrace all the functions, which can easily expand or contract as required.

    Each multi-functional piece of furniture has a large shared wastepaper basket, a clothes rack and hooks so employees can hang their coats near their workstation. There are personal cupboards and other storage solutions, as well as poofs and places to store stackable stools for those spontaneous meetings at a desk.

    In addition to the storage capabilities there are plant pots containing plants chosen to suit the character of each landscape – for example, cactuses for the desert-inspired Sandy Dunes. The variegated diversity of the plants increases the sense of well-being and creates a healthier indoor air climate.

    DesignerAdolfsson & Partners
    Design Team: Hans Adolfsson, Anki Gneib, Annika Zetterquist, Anna Gustafsson, Håkan Rehle, Gustaf Sundqvist
    PhotographyJoachim Belaieff