Danone: Nutricia & Żywiec Zdrój Offices – Warsaw

Inspired by nature, Danone's Warsaw office integrates biophilic design throughout the workplace in accordance with the brand's "One Planet. One Health." vision.

  • Client Danone,
  • size 46,284 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Warsaw, Poland,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Trzop Architekci completed the dynamic and modern offices for two Danone companies, Nutricia & Żywiec Zdrój, located in Warsaw, Poland.

    New headquarters of two DANONE companies: NUTRICIA Polska and Żywiec Zdrój in Warsaw is a modern office space, designed by TRZOP ARCHITEKCI in accordance with the “One Planet. One Health.” vision.

    The leitmotif of the project were elements inspired by nature and user-friendly materials, ensuring comfort and positive reception of space. Guests and employees are welcomed by a representative reception zone inspired by city park and ecology. The central point is the wooden tree surrounding the construction column, stones and grass pattern on the floor and small wooden tiles inspired by a pavement. This zone can also be an alternative to traditional workspace with ergonomic desks. The whole lets you feel almost like in the bosom of nature, and thanks to this, the interiors create a positive atmosphere and opportunity to relax. The reception area is made of natural wood, moss, and materials inspired by nature. Space makes you feel like you’re out in the wild, without having to go outside. Sustainable development and taking care of the environment were important aspects of the design and everyday functioning of the space.

    The office space was designed with ergonomic workplaces in the company of plants, intimate meeting rooms, kitchens and coffee points and a common space conducive to integration. In the further part of the office, there is a common zone ideal for less formal meetings, integration of employees and leisure. Thanks to this, the interiors create a positive atmosphere and the opportunity to relax. The project based on inspirations taken from nature – biophilic design, positively influences the well-being, effectiveness, and creativity of employees.

    DesignerTrzop Architekci
    Fit-out: Reesco
    Photography: Fotomohito