Acamica Offices – Buenos Aires

  • Client Acamica,
  • size 6,135 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Buenos Aires, Argentina,
  • Industry Education,
  • Estudio Frias Arquitectos completed the offices for Acamica, an online learning academy dedicated to the training of technology and design professionals, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    The project is based on a flexible workspace, which functions during the morning as central offices and in the afternoon as an academy for 80 students.

    The space is organized into three well-defined areas: a central meeting and work area, a learning space and a floating volume of meeting rooms.

    The social area is the main and distinctive area of the offices. It has a reception area provided with a living room with an information wall, which replaces and reformulates the traditional Front Desk concept.

    It has a space for work tables and open meetings, provided with an Open Coffee and Snack Bar. The tables in this sector have wheels to move and clear the space for large events.

    This large space is equipped with a Harrow / Library that allows multiple positions of work, recreation, reading, meetings and has a large retractable screen that also enables it to be used as an auditorium for 60 people.

    The classroom is the essential space of the offices of Acamica, where mentorships are carried out for their students. It was thought as a flexible space that allows different dynamics for the training classes.

    Each classroom has two sides that can be used entirely as blackboards and at the same time they are the support for projections. The other two fronts are completely transparent allowing to appreciate from any point of the office the large grove of Humboldt Street.

    The classrooms are equipped with individual tables with wheels, allowing the diversity of assembly for the classes or forming work islands for the daytime.

    The meeting rooms are all grouped in the center of the floor, forming a purely glazed volume that contains the information wall at the end. It contains 2 rooms for 6 people, 1 room for 12 people and 6 rooms for individual teleconferences used by mentors for distance classes. They are acoustically treated to isolate the external sound and decrease the reverberation achieving a greater legibility of the voice.

    The contact with nature recharges us with energy and acts as a balm to combat stress situations. The green of the trees and the vegetation provides calmness to our brain and helps to release tension.

    The offices of Acamica have 2 large vertical gardens in their interior dividing walls that are visually prolonged with the glasses of the Platanos trees that are on Humboldt Street.

    All the technological equipment was thought to be able to be handled from any device. Access control, recording of views, air conditioning, functional music, information of the screens, cameras and projections can be managed from a cell phone, tablet or laptop with different apps.

    The white walls and windows are the background on which the main materials used stand out: light woods, the green of the vertical gardens, the transparency of the glass and the color of the furnishing. They generate a warm, relaxed, young and creative atmosphere.

    DesignerEstudio Frias Arquitectos
    Design Team: Santiago Frías, Marco Yacachury, Ayelén Alcorta, Julián Mastroleo, Cecilia Cura
    PhotographyFederico Kulekdjian