Mercadona Offices – Valencia

  • Client Mercadona,
  • size 8,611 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Cristina Moya Arquitecta designed the offices for Spanish supermarket company, Mercadona, located in Valencia, Spain.

    The evolution of technology drives us to adapt the way we live, work, buy….

    In this case, it is a big consolidated company that has the determination to create a new business model of e-commerce. The project consists in providing a space for the offices of this new department within an industrial building built for logistics.

    The new era and ecosystems require new ways of working and living in which the users decide how they are going to use the space. Different types of spaces are proposed, ones more spacious and others more private and others more informal. These spaces lead to inspiration, creativity, concentration, team work, and for the development of ideas.

    The building is located in an industrial area, a very hostile environment. For so, we decided the spaces would look into the inside of the building, creating the views and the exterior space in the interior with a big courtyard. This courtyard becomes the core of the project, organising the different spaces proposed around it.

    The spaces for concentrated work were to be protect by positioning them in the interior, an area more silent and calm which also allows the communication with the logistic process. On the other side, the spaces for inspiration, more flexible, are located in the perimeter of the building working as a limit with the exterior space filtering the noise into the interior.

    The project also gives solution to an exterior area for parking. A huge structure was proposed to cover a big area that could be adapted to different uses, free of columns in the middle to give total freedom for the circulation of cars beneath it. A structure that is designed as a tridimensional metallic net, light and white in contrast with the black industrial box.

    DesignerCristina Moya Arquitecta
    Architect: Almudena Arnau
    Photography: Milena Villalba