Continental Offices – Warsaw

  • Client Continental,
  • size 16,145 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Warsaw, Poland,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • BIT CREATIVE Barnaba Grzelecki has designed the office environment for Continental located in Warsaw, Poland.

    Bit Creative has created an unusual space for approx. 110 employees per 1500 sq m.In the Business Garden complex. The investor depended primarily on the good of the employee. The first slogans that were made during the creation of the project were based on highlighting the importance of Continental in their industry. The leader deserves an office to pursue his business goals says Barnaba Grzelecki.

    Architects tried to create space in a timeless and homely atmosphere. The colors are warm, there are many wooden elements and red brick. It’s the perfect complement to the industrial style of the building and colors in shades of gray and turquoise adds Grzelecki.

    The names of the conference rooms have been taken from products. The leitmotif of the office are car tires. Decorative foil in the shape of hexagons gives dynamics, and its shape refers to the construction of a carbon atom, from which it is tires are made.

    The entrance zone, in which there is a reception with direct access to three large conference rooms and a kitchen with a dining room. The work space is designed in a mixed system. Teams are on open space in groups of up to 12 people. Each zone were separated by acoustic openwork walls, cabinets with steel buildings with felt and wooden cubes. Big attention BIT CREATIVE focused on acoustics and a large amount of greenery. There are also leaders’ offices at the open space teams. Employees also have several meeting and brainstorming rooms at their disposal.

    The area is equipped with the latest technologies in the form of systems for booking rooms, video conference systems with sound systems, and systems for setting lighting scenes in conference rooms.

    DesignerBIT CREATIVE Barnaba Grzelecki
    Photography: Piotr Ostrowski