Decolar Offices – Barueri

  • Client Decolar,
  • size 37,135 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Barueri, Brazil,
  • Industry Technology, Travel,
  • Pitá Arquitetura completed the design for Decolar, the largest online travel agency in Latin America whose offices are located in Barueri, Brazil.

    Decolar is the largest online travel agency in Latin America, and with their growth in the Brazilian market, they needed a more improved workplace, one connected with the company’s vision and work style. They were previously located in Guarulhos, SP which is where Sao Paulo’s international airport is stationed. Their new office was relocated to Barueri, another city in the metropolitan area of São Paulo. As a result, this office had to compensate for the new, distant location for their employees who were used to working in Guarulhos, proving to the employees that the new workplace was worth the farther distance.

    The main concept for the new office was for all teams and spaces to be connected because people are connected. As a result, the design was focused on the curve: the curves of the rooms and spaces conducted in between all of the different areas, guiding people through the spaces, and even bringing a sense of curiosity of who is in the space of what is after the bend.

    Bright colours and wood in contrast with the light colour palette of the floor and workstations create a vivid and inspirational workplace in addition to the street art in all of the lockers, at the bottom and front of all work areas.

    The work cafe is the heart of the space where all spaces and corridors connect. People from different workspaces and floors can meet there, rest, have lunch, work or even have informal meetings, on the movable meeting cubes or one of the couches.

    DesignerPitá Arquitetura
    Design Team: Antonio Mantovani, Nico Salto Del Giorgio, Isabella Cencini, Rafael Urbonas, Fábio De Bem, Juliana Loss Vicenzi, Paola Martuscelli, Tainá de Toledo, Renan Azevedo, Daniela Nicolas de Morais, Amanda Toranzo Scoco, Everton Ferreira
    PhotographyRenato Navarro