Radius Payment Solutions Offices – Crewe

SpaceInvader were tasked with the interior design for the Radius Payment Solutions offices located in Crewe, England.

UK Fuels, part of Radius Payment Solutions Ltd and one of Europe’s largest fuel card management companies wanted to create a home for its UK Radius team that would retain and enhance the company’s presence in its local Crewe area, whilst attracting the best talent, and reflecting the ethos
of a truly global business.

SpaceInvader were appointed to create an internal campus that would inspire its people to develop both as individuals and as a collective team, driving productivity across the site and enabling business growth.The fundamental concept that drove the interior of this project was the individual well-being of each and every person that used the space. This was achieved by working collaboratively with the client to better understand the needs of the individuals, enabling us to design and create uniquely tailored spaces, which were grounded in insight and tied seamlessly into UK Fuel’s business’s objectives.

The love of sci-fi and technology features throughout the space in ways that are artistic yet functional. At the head of this journey, was a forward thinking and ambitious client determined to create a long lasting culture for a visionary business. By working together we were able to design and deliver an authentically branded environment that enhances human experience, while attracting, retaining and empowering employees.

Photography: courtesy of SpaceInvader