Trend Micro Offices – Singapore

Trend Micro's new AMEA headquarters in Singapore breakaway from the traditional office environment and introduce a collaborative and free-flowing work setting that focuses on the wellbeing of employees, guests and clients.

  • Client Trend Micro,
  • size 12,600 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Technology,
  • M Moser Associates has designed and built a new cutting-edge workplace for Trend Micro‘s regional headquarters in Singapore.

    As a global cybersecurity company with a strong foothold in Asia, Trend Micro selected M Moser to design and build its new Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa (AMEA) headquarters in Singapore. The main goal was to create a social environment where staff could host events and invite partners and customers from the region for business meetings.

    Envisioning a human-centric workspace that inspires collaboration and facilitates meaningful connections, M Moser aimed to bring more energy, mobility, and technology into the workplace while promoting the well-being of staff and guests.

    A fully-agile way of working

    In pursuit of its mission to enhance creativity and collaboration among staff, the new Trend Micro workplace breaks free of traditionally fixed desks and encourages free-flowing movement by introducing hot-desking in a variety of work settings.

    The entrance leads visitors to a bright and commodious front-of-house, enlivened by social interactions and a desire to connect. Equipped with a self-service bar, comfortable furniture, and diverse seating arrangements, this communal space fully encapsulates the essence of hospitality and conviviality.

    A more expansive and focused environment can be found on the other side of the office, where ample workspaces support individual work as well as team meetings in the most productive ways.

    To maximise its efficiency, the office has been acoustically designed to ensure the various needs and personalities of its staff would be addressed. In addition to community-centric spaces, private and quieter areas enable people to retreat and work on projects uninterrupted, offering more versatility and freedom as to where and how they work.

    Manifesting unique cultural identities

    Using colour, furniture, artifacts, and other accessories sourced directly from the regions where it operates, Trend Micro showcases its unique cultural identities by associating each of its meeting rooms with a specific theme. Named after cities, countries, and continents including New York, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the conference rooms accommodate a wide range of preferences and tastes to bring the comfort of a home into the workplace and create a truly memorable experience for staff and visitors alike.

    As an example, the Africa Room features a collection of colourful baskets, each representing a country from across the African continent to add a pleasant and meaningful ambience that invites visitors on a storytelling journey.

    Designed to imbue a sense of serenity and well-being, the Japan Room is intentionally devoid of video-conferencing devices of any kind. As suggested by M Moser’s design team, this creates a conducive environment for focused discussions and enables people to clear their mind of distractions.

    State-of-the-art technology

    Next to the communal front-of-house stands a slightly elevated, multi-functional meeting space dubbed the Executive Briefing Centre (EBC). Enclosed by sliding glass doors that can be shut to create a private space, this room is equipped with a 4×3, 65-inch screen setup that is fully customisable based on the content displayed.

    Used to educate exclusive clients with detailed cybersecurity briefings and demos, the ultra-thin 1.8 millimetre-thick frame of each screen allows for extensive flexibility in how content is projected, offering users a variety of configuration choices to show different types of movement and activity projected from Trend Micro’s virtual servers in real time.

    Such adjustability empowers sales staff to bring customers and partners in for customised presentations with confidence and pride.

    With the glass doors folded into the wall, the EBC opens up to the rest of the front-of-house, facilitating more opportunities for people to connect over town hall meetings and other company events. Six additional screens behind the bar counter are used to project relaxing scenery through pre-programmed videos and images.

    In the entrance corridor, digital renditions of famous paintings are projected onto a line of high-resolution digital art frames hung on the wall, creating a vicarious experience of visiting distinguished museums across the world. Motion sensors activate each frame and allow staff to change the paintings, adding an interactive detail that drives further engagement in the workplace.

    Bringing the outside in

    From the calming sounds of flowing rivers heard when walking into the office, to a green wall embellishing the entrance, the new Trend Micro headquarters promotes a spirit of taking care of the mental, emotional and physical well-being of its people. Trees and plants thoughtfully placed around the office help clean the air and bring more nature into the working areas, each amplified by natural sunlight and sustainable materials, to create a workplace environment that is green and healthy in every way.

    DesignerM Moser Associates
    Photography: Owen Raggett