Barcodes Offices – Chicago

  • Client Barcodes,
  • size 30,000 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Chicago, Illinois, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • BOX Studios has installed an upscale, sleek and modern design for the Barcodes‘ offices located in Chicago, Illinois.

    The challenge was to design a high-tech space that is energetic and colorful. The final fresh and spirited workplace is set against a clean, monochromatic backdrop with intentional touches of the company’s orange. Its mostly black-and-white décor features a few special surprises like a boldly painted ceiling deck in the break room, and jewel-toned furniture pieces in the reception area that convey a classic and elegant presence.

    Window-lined walls and floor-to-ceiling glass partitions breathe air and light deep into the floorplate. The conference rooms are sprinkled with custom glass films that don’t interrupt transparency. The result of few opaque obstructions throughout the space is an open and vibrant personality.

    Energy is found in sharp corners, geometric shapes and uniquely angled walls and soffits. A custom angled reception desk mirrors the slants and edges of the ceiling soffit directly above it. Half suspended/half recessed architectural light fixtures jut out unexpectedly from drywall soffits. 3D ceiling tiles in the break room create movement and excitement.

    Stacked in funky formations, the Solution Center kiosks display the company’s technology solutions. Against their monotone frameworks, the kiosks are emphasized with large supergraphics, slightly dissimilar furniture pieces, and pops of accent colors found in company merchandise.

    Through the clever and minimal use of vivid colors, architectural lighting that interplays with natural daylight, and wisely selected materials and finishes, the space has achieved a sense of elegance and class while the dynamic flow that results from geometric structures and elements satisfies the intended lively concept.

    DesignerBOX Studios
    Photography: James John Jetel